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JULY 2018

The Wyndhams moved from South Carolina to Portland to be a part of East Bridge Church!

July 2017

The Grants and the Lotts journey westward and settle into their new homes in Southeast Portland! They begin to meet their neighbors and do life with the awesome people of their new city.

January 2017

The Grants move to Lexington, SC for the purpose of planning and preparing to move to Portland.  Kevin and Patrick are putting together their strategy for sharing the gospel and making disciples in Portland.  Dates are being set and the plan is to move their families and land in Portland in the summer of 2017 - Just 6-7 months from now!

October 2016

Kevin leads a team of friends and supporters to Portland and for the first time Kevin, Patrick, and their wives are able to be on Portland soil together as a team!  It is an amazing week of praising God, clarifying goals and vision, learning about the people, and engaging in conversations with many throughout the city.

July 2016

Patrick takes a trip to Portland for a time of prayer, solitude, and vision clarity.  God continues to show himself faithful as He encourages the Grants and Lotts in their partnership together.

June 2016

God provides!  The Lotts and Grants begin seriously considering what it would look like for their two families to partner together in Portland.  God has given both of these families a very similar passion for Portland, down to even the same neighborhoods.  In addition to pursuing this partnership, both families are busy sharing their vision with others, fundraising, and dreaming about what their ministry may look like once they get their feet on the ground.

May 2016

Patrick leads a vision trip with family and friends who are able to speak into the spiritual and physical needs of Portland, as well as help cast vision to their home churches as they return home.

april 2016

Kevin starts an internship at Lexington Baptist Church in Lexington, SC. We are so thankful for an opportunity to focus on preparing for our move to Portland and serving the local body here in South Carolina.

January 2016

The Lotts and Grants meet for the first time.  Kevin, Jenn and Patrick, Jennifer traveled to Seattle separately for a time of assessment with the Northwest Baptist Association. During this time they meet each other and everyone there takes notice at how similar their visions and passions are for Portland (down to the same region and even same neighborhoods!). After a two-day assessment, they drove down to Portland to spend some more time in the city, worship with a local body of believers, and meet with friends and partners in Portland. 

december 2015

The Lotts get feet on the ground in Portland! Kevin and Jenn traveled to Portland to explore the city, seek the Lord, and speak with church planters in the area.

April 2015

Patrick feels God is leading him and his family to plant a church on the west coast and, after speaking with a church planter in Portland, they set up a vision trip.  After visiting Portland, Patrick and Jennifer confirm that Portland is where they are supposed to be.