Portland is the most religiously-unaffiliated metro area in the United States with 42% of residents in the city and surrounding suburbs self-identifying as unaffiliated.

Our love for this city

Portland is a huge urban city with a small-town heart. The City of Portland has brilliantly organized the urban core around what they call 20-minute communities. In these, you will find everything you  need for life - schools, grocery, parks, restaurants, libraries, coffee shops - all within a 20 minute walk. The nature of this city layout feeds right into our desire to plant ourselves in a community and live out the gospel among its people. The people of Portland are a people of passion - and we pray that our passion for the Gospel will be evident and beautiful to the community in which God plants our family, and ultimately His church. 

more city stats

  • 1 SBC Church for every 25,781 people
  • 2.6 million people living in the Portland metro area
  • $55,500 median household income
  • $360,500 median home value
  • 41,590 bicycle commuters
  • 5,172.14 acres - size of Forest Park, one of the largest, forested urban parks in US

Info gathered from www.nab.net, US Census Bureau, Public Religion Research Institute, and Oregon.gov