Core Mission & Vision

We exist to glorify God by making disciples who delight in the person of Jesus Christ, and to equip them to take the hope of the gospel to the world.

Gospel | Worship | Community

Gospel: This word basically means "good news."  We are all in need of good news.  The best news is that Jesus loves us and laid his life down so that we could have our life restored.

Worship: We all worship.  Whether it's a job, material possession, person, or ourselves, our affections are always going somewhere.  It's only when we choose to worship Jesus that life makes sense and we are freed to live a life that is full of joy and fulfillment. 

Community: This life was not meant to be done alone.  We were built to be in relationship with others.  We were designed to be in relationship with God.  It's in biblical community where we get to encourage, pray for, and challenge each other to live into all that God has built us to be.


These three truths can be summed up into our singular mission and focus:

Loving God and Loving People.



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